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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • How to care for th candles?
    Each candle comes with a care card that has instructions on when and how to trim your wick.
  • Do you provide gift wrapping?
    We do not offer gift wrapping but each candle and scrub is packaged in a mesh drawstring bag then placed in a box.
  • Do your scrubs work?
    All of our scrubs and soaps have shown great results, we recommend consistant usage for best results.
  • Are your scrubs and soaps organic?
    Some of our scrub and soaps are organic, however most of our scrubs are made with natural ingredients and have perservatives in them to sustain shelf life and prevent mold and bacteria from growing in them.
  • Do you offer wholesale on scrubs?
    Yes we do offer wholesale scrubs in pre packaged containers or gallon size containers. Please send an email to us for inquiry.
  • Why is you straight pour prices lower than your dessert candles?
    Our prices are not based on size of the jars it is based on the cost and time it takes to make the candle, straight pour candles cost less because it cost less to make vs our dessert candles that cost a lot more to make in order to maintain the high quality of the candles.
  • Do you offer wholesale on your candles?
    Yes we do offer wholesale on any of our candles. please be aware you should order ahead of time because our turn over time is currently 21-28 weeks for processing and 4-5 business days for shipping.
  • Do you make custom candles?
    Yes we do, we make custom candles for all occasions. Check our candles section for the listing.
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